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Previously: The Sporting Influencer

The Sporting Resource website, formerly known as The Sporting Influencer, was founded by Richard Cashman with the objective of fostering education and encouraging contributions to help coaches, organisations, and parents navigate a wide range of topics and concerns within the youth sports environment.

Through our extensive research and observations, we have had the opportunity to explore the diverse range of attitudes and approaches taken by parents towards youth sports, including the positive, the indifferent, and the negative. Our website offers a wealth of information, including interviews, quotes, guest blogs, videos, and resources, all of which provide valuable insights and perspectives on the impact of parental involvement on the overall youth sports experience.

It is important to note that some of the resources available on the website may still be referred to as “The Sporting Influencer” as it was the former name of the website.


Failure should only be seen as an opportunity to learn

Written by Gordon MacLelland, WWPIS  For any child to be able to learn, grow as a human and learn about life there have to be moments of failure and during their sporting career there will be many.

Source: Failure should only be seen as an opportunity to learn

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Youth Sport Parents

There would appear to be consensus that if parents were provided with information that would enable them to better understand the implications of their own behavior and beliefs, they would be more likely to moderate their actions to help create a more positive sporting environment for their children (Gould et al., 2006; Kidman et al., 1999; Stein et al., 1999)

To begin the process, here are three questions I’d like you to consider, answers and reflect?…..


Source: Youth Sport Parents