Coaching Methodology

The last year has provided us plenty of time to create an E-Book on what has influenced, continues to represent, and showcases my coaching to date. With more resources available now than ever before, including those developed by “The Sporting Resource,” I wanted to compile everything in one place and share it with coaches all around the world.

I’ve used and adapted some incredible work from other organisations and coaches all around the world; as a result, I’m humble enough to acknowledge other people’s work and have made a conscious effort to do so within the E-Book. Again if I haven’t reached out to you or you feel a certain document(s) are adapted from something you’ve created, please get in contact and we’ll credit you immediately.

This has been a personal project that is still evolving, which is why we chose to publish an updated version, and it is something we want to do again in the future. I completely appreciate that there may be other alternative approaches and concepts that I might have included, or that you may disagree with some of them (which is okay). As I mentioned, these are a reflection of my coaching and are specific to the environments in which I’ve coached, as well as the experiences and knowledge that have shaped my coaching methodologies and will hopefully continue to do so.

I sincerely hope you find the information beneficial and that you may use it to build an idea and/or method that suits your own environments in the future.


Please contact us if you have any comments or feedback.

Note: I’m not stating the above are the only principles available just these are the ones that best represent my own coaching.

Again please feel free to contact me if you feel your work is present above and not be credited.

Thank you

Richard Cashman


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