Colton Bryant

Date of publishing: 10th July 2018

Can you give us a bit of background information on yourself?

Colton Bryant
Originally from Norman, Oklahoma – currently living in Nashville, TN

Head College Coach
Assistant NWSL Coach
I own my own soccer academy (– @PFDAofficial)
Was given opportunity, to be a shadow assistant when I lived in Argentina for Newells Old Boys
Have worked closely with professional clubs such as: Monterrey Rayados, Tigres, Veracruz, and the Columbus Crew

How would you define a parent(s) role within the youth sports?

A parent’s role is vital. However, it’s in a different way than most parents perceive.  Players just need to know that their parents are there to support them not critique them.

What are the benefits of being positive youth sports parents?

Increased level of communication between coach-child-parent, trust, improved knowledge, same information provided to the athlete pre and post-match, increased level of enjoyment and participation, parent–child relationship etc.)

The benefits are that the kid continues to enjoy the game in which they are playing. Coaches, parents, and players often forget that we play sports because it’s fun.  I coach because of my love for the game and it has always been fun. When we are positive towards athletes – we enhance their sense of enjoyment.

What advice would you give any youth sports participant, that has the ambition, drive and commitment to reach the highest level?

Advice to the player

-Understand that you can learn something from everyone you meet.
-Understand that it’s going to be hard.
-ALWAYS remember WHY you play the game.
-Success is knowing that you did your best – no trophy, material object, or outside opinion can decide your success. Success is self-perceived. If you know you did your best to be the best you could be, that is true Success.

Advice to the parents

-Just let the athletes know that you enjoy watching them play
– Let them know that you support them
– Leave the coaches to do the COACHING

In your experience as a coach, how does negative approaches from the parents, effect the player(s) short & long term?

I recently had a game – where my team went further than they did the previous year – we dominated – and a specific player had a GREAT game. At our post-match meal – He was upset – tears in his eyes (at 18 years old).  After speaking to him, he said it’s nothing, just that his mom was a bit critical of his playabout not getting the ball away quicker or missing a specific tackle. WE WON THE GAME – and he was still critiqued.

Are parents there to support their kids, or LIVE through them?

What advice would you give coaches regarding youth sports parents?

Create as much of a positive relationship with them as possible – but let them know that it’s not your place to tell them how to parent or tell their kid to do something the opposite of what they were instructed by the parent.

In the same sense, Tell them that if they genuinely trust and respect you as a coach – they have no reason to instruct or coach from the side line – as most of the time it is the opposite of what the coach is instructing.

What advice would you give youth sports parents for the car journey to and from youth sports practices and/or games?

You guys should have won that

The ref’s were horrible

I can’t believe your coach plays “johny” over youJust ask them if they had fun – or especially if they lost – talk about anything other than the game. Kids are a PART of the game and are AGGITATED when they lose – they need time to cool down – and they will seek out parental support when they are ready.

What types of behaviours/mannerisms/comments would you encourage parents to demonstrate?

Just tell them to do their best.

However, during matches AND training – Parents should NOT be making instructional comments.
In terms of behaviour, the players feed off of our reactions both coaches and parents, if we are always complaining, shouting at the ref’s, or whatever it may be.  The players mirror that reaction – we have done nothing but give them an excuse as to why they can’t.  We need to encourage them and show them that they CAN.

Life’s tough.  FIND A WAY.

What is next for you as a coach/club/organisation?

I’m young. The possibilities are endless.

I try to live in the now.  I have to do my best to be the best I can be.  If I do that, I should progress just how I am supposed to.

I strive for excellence, because you can’t keep excellence quiet.

You can find more about Colton on these social media outlets:

Twitter: @coachcolton

Massive thank you to, Colton for taking the time to complete the following interview questions.

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