Game Reflections

Template No.1

  • Opposition Strengths?
  • Opposition Areas to exploit?
  • Home Team: What was successful?
  • Home Team: Area for improvement?
  • Tactical Trends/Adjustments

Template No.2 – Amended

  • Game Plan/Objectives (Around 4 phases of the game).
  • First Half Opposition Strengths & Areas to Exploit.
    • Tactical Shape
  • Any changes made during the first half and/or at half time.
  • Second Half Opposition Strengths & Areas to Exploit.
    • Tactical Shape
  • End of Game Reflection: What was successful? & Areas for Improvement?
  • 100 Point Reflection: How would you divide 100 points around the 4 areas from strongest to weakest.
    • For example Tactical/Technical 40 Points, Social 15 Points, Physical 20 Points & Psychological 25 Points.
  • Rate themes across the game (1 Lowest – 5 Highest).
  • Action Plan

Completed by who:

These can be used by the coach or as a collective coaching team, and/or provided to players to complete after the game.


I’m more than happy to further discuss the above templates if you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch to explore further.

Thank you

Really appreciate all the support

Richard Cashman

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