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*Updated 26th February 2023

By reversing the role of players and parents during the coaching of an Under 10 Team in the United States, the players were given the chance to express themselves loudly to their parents, which could create an environment that allows parents to understand and empathise with their child’s experience during game day.

This approach could provide the following benefits:

  1. Empathy: Parents who have experienced their child’s perspective may develop greater empathy towards their child’s challenges, frustrations, and successes during sports events. This increased understanding can help parents to be more supportive and encouraging.
  2. Communication: This exercise can improve communication between parents and their children. The child can express their thoughts and feelings more confidently, and parents can learn how to listen more effectively.
  3. Focus: By allowing the players to vent their frustrations to their parents, it can help them to refocus on the game and prevent any distractions that may affect their performance.

However, some considerations should be taken into account before trying this approach in your own environments:

  1. Age Appropriate: This approach may not be suitable for younger children who are not emotionally developed enough to understand the exercise or the potential reactions of their parents.
  2. Parental Support: It is crucial to have the support of parents before implementing this approach. It may be challenging for some parents to accept that their child is yelling at them, so it is essential to explain the purpose and benefits of this exercise.
  3. Safety: Coaches should ensure that the exercise does not cause any physical or emotional harm to the child or parents.

In conclusion, reversing the roles of players and parents during coaching can be a useful tool to enhance communication, empathy, and focus during sports events. However, coaches should carefully consider the age and emotional maturity of the children, obtain parental support, and ensure the safety of all involved.

Thank you – Diolch yn fawr

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