Positional Responsibilities


I’d like to express my warmest appreciation to Stuart Amos for allowing me to modify his original template. I have a lot of respect for his work and encourage following him on Twitter: @stuamos.

I always maintain humility and willingly seek out coaches who have influenced my thoughts and approaches to the game. I ask for their permission to utilise their ideas and adapt them, all while ensuring that proper credit is given for their contributions.


A football positional template is a comprehensive guide that outlines the specific responsibilities of each player on the pitch. The template includes detailed instructions for the player’s role in possession, out of possession, and during transitional phases of play and during set pieces.

By utilising a positional template, individual players can gain a deeper understanding of their role within the team and how their position fits into the team’s overall game plan. It aids in their learning by breaking down the game into specific situations, allowing them to focus on their individual tasks and responsibilities.

Blank Template Photo:

Free Template – Blank – Download File

Example: Completed Version

These are examples of what might be written and considered when completing and utilising these tools. The blank template (above) can be edited electronically, or you can print the blank templates and fill out a printed copy.


Updated: Completed Version Men’s

Updated: Completed Version Women’s

Overall, a positional template is an incredibly useful tool for football players to enhance their game and improve their overall understanding of their individual roles within the team. By focusing on the specific responsibilities outlined in the template, players can develop a deeper understanding of the game, which can translate into improved performances on the pitch.

Feel free to share the following and comment below on how you’ve implemented it within your environment and how you’d enhance it further.

Thank you – Diolch yn fawr


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