Risk & Play

When you take a risk, your brain changes.


Do you remember climbing to the top of a tree? Or swinging as fast as you could until you felt like you might fall off? These risks are more than fun – they help brains develop. Risky, play combines fun and stress – turbo-charging brain development. 

It can be stressful to climb to the top of the tower if you haven’t done it before but learning to handle that stress will make you more resilient under future pressures.

Risky play also develops your executive function, the parts of your brain in charge of decision-making. Deciding whether or not to jump off something tests the limits of your judgement. The only way to learn to make good decision is by practicing making decisions.

Bumps and scrapes are the vivid feedback you need to improve your judgement. Thankfully, you’ll get better and your brain will have developed from the experience.

Build your brain.

Work by TELUS Spark





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