Steve Payne

Meet: Steve Payne

Qualification: UEFA Pro Licence

Background: Studied/Worked in:

UK, North America, Brazil, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Australia.


  1. Can you give us a bit of background information on yourself? 

Steve Payne. Former semi-pro players, briefly played as schoolboy with Charlton Athletic. Pro Licence coach. Worked and or studied soccer in U.K. North America, Brazil, Australia, Netherlands and Costa Rica.

2. How would you define a parent(s) role within youth sports? 

To be supportive, encouraging and absent from practices


3. What are the benefits of being positive youth sports parents?

It will promote self confidence and willingness to try things without fear of recrimination.

4. Tell us a bit about how your parents supported you through the journey into becoming a player/coach/teacher?  

My parents, particularly my father, did just as mentioned in question three. He never crticised a performance. He knew I knew what needed to change. 

5. What advice would you give any youth sports parents, with a talented son/daughter and ambition and drive to reach the highest level? 

For the talented individual. Never stop practising. If you take a night off, you can be sure someone else did not. If you skip working, it means your attitude and mental strength is below what is required.

Advice to the parents. As mentioned in questions four and five.

Old Wembley, England

6. In your experience as a coach, how can uneducated and unsupporting parents, effect player(s) (short & long term)? 

Short Term – Destroy confidence and belief

Long Term –  Drive the player out of the game.

7. What advice would you give coaches/clubs regarding youth sports parents? 

Try to educate them with the above suggestions.

8. What advice would you give youth sports parents for the car journey to and from youth sports practices and/or games?

 Stay quiet unless the conversation is positive. If someone has made an error they don’t need someone else pointing it out. They already know.

9. What types of behaviours/mannerisms/comments would you encourage parents to demonstrate? 

Without sounding repetitive, support, encourage and praise. But, if you have nothing to say, don’t say it.

10. What is next for you as a coach / club / organisation? 

Continued learning plus pursuing my own convictions. Having spent years studying coaching I believe I have earned the right to help players in what I believe is the best environment. I have learned over the years that players respond to a challenging environment. One in which they can be creative and make mistakes and adjustments. I have two core philosophies: To get fit for football, play football.  To get better at football, play football.

Twitter: @PayneProCoach

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