The Sideline Talk Interviews: Series 1

The series will involve interviewing a diversified group of individuals involved in youth sports from around the world with an array of qualifications and experiences. Allowing each and every person to share their insights surrounding the role of youth sports parents and the youth sports environments as a whole.

Series 1:

Read here: Jan Alam

Read here: Jason Edwards

Read here: Scott Sellars

Read here: Sion Eifion Jones

Read here: Pat Hedges

Read Here: John O’Sullivan

Read here: Helen Lorraine Nkwocha

Read here: Lee Butler

Read here:  Part 1 – Bill Courtney / Part 2 – Bill Courtney

Read here: Chris Thomas

Read here: Part 1 – Sean Doyle  /  Part 2 – Sean Doyle 

Read here: Mark O’Sullivan

Read here: Fran Alonso

Read here: Dr Richard Bailey

Read here: Dr Martin Longworth

More interviews with some fantastic coaches coming soon…

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