Questionnaire: Understanding The Soccer Parent

The best coaches collaborate and embrace the “Athletic Triangle” in addition have a greater understanding that each parent have their own attitude and views towards youth soccer. In terms of, personality, response-ability, sensitivity and what they expect from their child participating within youth soccer.As a result, it’s imperative that a COACH takes the time to get to empower, listen,understand and appreciate the views of parents.  The questionnaire below will provide the coach an insight into how parents view youth soccer. In turn, will provide evidence for the coach, to gage a level of understanding and how to approach parents individually and as a whole. Research suggests that if coaches implement new/different approaches to youth sport for example from winning at all costs > Balanced approach. They may need to do so with evidence, cautiousness and purpose allowing parents to slowly become accustomed (Jones et al., 2004).  A greater emphasis should be placed upon,  WE are a TEAM and are working TOGETHER for best interest of the CHILD, this makes it vitally important they all stakeholders possess mutual and realistic expectations.

Process upon completing the questionnaire:

 (Depends on the comfortability of coaches and parents respectively)
  • Individual parents can return them to the coach specifically.


  • The coach can allow a third party to collect all the questionnaires, allow answers to be confidential.

See below for the questionnaire that I’ve used within my coaching environment, in an attempt to collaborate with the sporting influencer. In addition to examples of answers provided by a parent.


  1. You’ve signed your child up for soccer, What is your role as a soccer parent?

E.g support system, critique the coach and/or player, encouragement

Answer :

My role as a soccer parent is to be as supportive as possible to my child.  I want him to learn this sport as much as possible with as much sportsmanship as possible.  I love team sports and what they can provide to a child.  I want my child to not only learn to love a great sport but to work as a team, listen and be respectful to his coaches and be the best teammate he can be.

2. Why do you think children chose to participate in soccer?

E.g have fun, learn a sport, get better, team work.


At first it was the only sport he could play at his age.  Since then, he has really enjoyed this sport as he gets older.  This was not a sport our family was familiar with but as he developed, he has learned this great sport.  As a family we are all learning it.  He is teaching us (the parents) about the sport as he learns it.  He really loves that.  We as parents love that too.  He is having fun, learning a great team sport and as I mentioned, he loves being a part of a great bunch of kids and families.

3. What would make a child quit soccer?

E.g over-emphasised on winning, poor coaching, parents criticism


Not developing and only focused on winning will equal major pressure and that could change my son’s thought of playing.

4. As soccer parents how should you conduct ourselves on the sidelines?

E.g yelling, cheer and encourage (both teams),  only applaud goals


Encouraging cheers for both teams.  Working and supporting the goals of the team and coaches.   I, personally, try not to side line coach.  There is nothing better when the boys play a hard, tough game (win or lose) and both side lines are fair and encouraging.    Positive encouragement really helps the kids on the field.

5. What would YOU deem a successful season?

E.g Winning, develop each player, balance of both,live within the child’s expectations


I want my son, and my son’s team to learn more of this sport.  I want my son to improve his skills, trust his teammates more, be a good sport with in his own team and with the opponents/ref’s.  Winning isn’t only having more goals then the other team.  It is about having fun, enjoying his team and not over do it.  

New Question recently added:

6. What kind of spectator are you?

Please state any reason(s) for your selection.
  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Bronze

  • Critic

Parent Model


Some answers were adapted to remain confidential.

Give it the questionnaire a try and see what kind of responses you receive (Positive or Negative). Or are you going to neglect and ignore the sporting influencer?

Feel free to utilize, adapt, share, comment or like

Thank you

The Sporting Influencer

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